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Map of westeros

This page contains up to date information about the current state of each of the Seven Kingdoms and the Crownlands. Information on the State of Essos is available as well. It is currently 504AC, the fourth era, and Westeros is experiencing the end of Spring. 

The North

Winterfell saw an attack of Others and the Night's Watch appears to be struggling with its defenses after the Lord Commander was recently executed for oathbreaking.

Ironborn raided along the coastline in the Third Era, but were fought back by the Mormonts.

The Spring Without Sun brought high amounts of snow to the North (almost as if the winter never ended). Waterways throughout the North (especially in the area of the Neck) were swollen or flooded, but now summer is coming.

The current Lord Paramount, Jojen Stark, rules from Winterfell.

The Vale

Hill tribesmen have been uniting and forming alliances. The Spring Without Sun caused waterways in the lowlands of the Vale to flood. Banners have been raised for the Iron Throne after the Reach declared independence.

The current Lord Paramount, Nathaniel Arryn, serves as regent for his infant nephew.

The Riverlands

The Riverlands were burned and pillaged by Aeron Greyjoy after refusing to bend the knee to the usurper. They have seen the most warfare of any kingdom, and crops have been destroyed.

Bandits, notably the Burning Hand's Men, have become a serious problem in the Riverlands.

The Riverlands were hit the hardest by the Spring Without Sun. Rivers and waterways were swollen or flooded, a large amount of crops were lost to both the rains and bandits, refugees accumulated in the towns and some brought with them disease, most notably the bloody flux. The bridge along the Gold Road crossing the Blackwater Rush and the bridge at Fairmarket are both gone, swept away by the flood. At Riverrun, where the Tumblestone and the Red Fork meet became a lake.

Their Lord Paramount was removed and Lord Edwin Frey was recently appointed to the role and rules from the Twins, though his nephew Brynden Frey seeks to claim the paramouncy for himself. He has obtained the King's consent and has rallied major lords to his cause.

The Iron Islands

In 500AL, the Iron Islands emerged from a civil war pitting House Greyjoy against House Harlaw in the First Era. House Greyjoy was victorious and House Harlaw now suffers high taxes and intense scrutinty from their liege.

The Spring Without Sun led to stormier seas than usual, making travel by boat difficult even for the ironborn. The already violent currents that surrounded the Iron Islands were even stormier, but now summer is coming and the seas are calming.

Alannys Greyjoy rules in the shadows for her son who formally holds the lord paramountcy. They have raised their banners for the Iron Throne and the Iron Fleet is sailing to the Reach to fight against the Hightower rebellion.

The Westerlands

The Westerlands saw little war in its lands during the Ascent of the Lion. The Iron Islands guarded Lannisport during the war, and Damon Lannister sits the Iron Throne.

Waterways and rivers were swollen or flooding during the Spring Without Sun, and the Westerlands experiened loss of crops in the countryside. Refugees and diseases plagued in its main towns and several mines collapsed and remain in disrepair, halting the production of gold and silver. Banners have been called for the Iron Throne in the brewing war against the Reach. 

Lord Aemon Estermont holds the title of Warden of the West until the birth of a Lannister heir.

The Reach

House Hightower overthrew House Tyrell in the First Era during the War of the Ascent of the Lion, killing all of the males in the direct line of descendents. The upper areas of the Reach experienced flooding due to the Spring Without Sun.

Lord Gylen Hightower recently declared the kingdom independent from the Iron Throne, naming himself King of the Reach. He holds King Damon Lannister's sister, Ashara, hostage in the Hightower.

The Stormlands

The Stormlands experienced a rebellion during the war of the Ascent of the Lion. Many Baratheon loyalist lords were executed or had their children taken as wards, and House Connington seized the Lord Paramountcy.

The Spring Without Sun led to stormier seas and flooding. Rivers and waterways were swollen, and the Stormlands experienced a high numbers of refugees, loss of crops, and disease. Now, however, summer is on the horizon.

They currently enjoy an uneasy peace under the rule of Lord Orys Connington.


Dorne remained neutral during the recent war that placed a Lannister on the throne and its troops saw no combat. During the Third Era, the kingdom aided Lys in a war against a Braavosi sealord bent on conquering the free cities. Dorne remained mainly unaffected by the Spring Without Sun.

Princess Sarella Martell holds the paramouncy and has a strong alliance with the Queen of Westeros, who she secretly helped crown in place of the former queen.

The Crownlands

In the First Era, the Golden Company was given land in the Crownlands and swore their allegiance to the Iron Throne.

The Crownlands experienced both flooding and refugees. The Spring Without Sun led to destroyed crops and the Bloody Flux amongst the smallfolk, but now summer is coming.

Queen Danae Targaryen holds Dragonstone, and her dragon Persion currenly abides there with her troops. She recently left the capital to return to the island, where she has been training her dragon.

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