Theodore Woods is the last remaining heir and current lord of House Woods.

History Edit

Theodore is the second born son of lord Gareth. Most of his life was spent in the quarters of House Woods, learning various skills like sword, great sword and bow combat, among many others.

Theodore's older brother decided at the age of 18 (meaning Theodore was 15 at the time) that becoming a brother of the night's watch is what he wants to do, leaving Theodore the sole heir to House Woods, eventually becoming lord Woods at the age of 20 when his father died of illness. Theodore's only family left in the Woods stronghold was his mother, and his little sister.

Events Edit

The Sixth Era Edit

Family Members Edit

  • Gareth Woods, father (Deceased)
  • Lorenah Woods, mother
  • Alexander Woods, brother (Part of the Night's Watch)
  • Tanya Woods, sister

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