Theomore Inchfield is the Lord of House Inchfield and father to Ser Harys Inchfield and Ser Domeric Inchfield.


Theomore Inchfield married Lady Lysa Mullendore who bore him two sons and a daughter. When they came of age, Domeric became Theomore's squire while Harys squired under his bastard brother, Ser Ralf Flowers.

Recent HistoryEdit

First EraEdit

Theomore sustained a grievous injury during the Ascent of the Lion, never fully recovering.

Third EraEdit

Shortly after Lord Gylen Hightower declared himself King in the Reach, Lord Theomore called up his available forces and declared his loyalty to the Hightowers, adding his men to the army of the Reach.

When the Hightowers lost the War of the False King, Theomore, along with the rest of his House, declared their loyalty to House Lannister Targaryen.

Family MembersEdit

Lysa Inchfield, wife

Harys Inchfield, eldest son

Domeric Inchfield, son

Myriah Inchfield, daughter

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