Theon Rosby is the current lord of Rosby and became so following the death of his father in a hunting incident. He is the only child of Lord Guncer Rosby and his wife Lady Diana.


Theon is the only child of the Lord of Rosby and so his parents were protective of him, particularly his mother. He had not been fostered anywhere in his childhood despite that fact that this was the norm. He was tutored at Rosby.


Theon is of average height, with jet black hair and striking green eyes. He frequently wears clothing showing his house colours, white and red.

Important EventsEdit

Sixth EraEdit

Theon decided to leave Rosby to travel Westeros but his father would only allow him to travel south towards the Reach, Dorne and the Stormlands.

Seventh Era Edit

Theon hastily ended his journey after receiving news from his mother of his father's death.

Eighth Era Edit

Using coin from a feast Lord Guncer was already preparing for Theon's homecoming feast, Lady Diana arranged a funeral for the late lord.

There, he spoke with Kyle Harte the heir to Lord Harte and Brynden Thorne, the heir to Lord Lucas Thorne. Following a request for aid from Thorne, Theon followed Brynden to his home and arranged the aid.

Family Edit

Guncer Rosby, Father (deceased)

Diana Rosby, Mother