Theon of Pyke is a former Ironborn reaver, who is stuck in the Riverlands after his ship sinks in Ironman's Bay.

History Edit

Theon claims to be born in one of the villages surrounding Pyke. His father fought in the Second Greyjoy Rebellion gaining scars and stories in the process. When Theon was young he learned the value of the Gold price, and the sway it had over the Mainlanders. He from then on tried to take the Gold price whenever possible, to the dismay of his kin. 6 years into King Harys' reign he gathered some friends and stole a longboat, the 'Drowner', sailing all the way to the Stepstones for the riches to be taken. Now after 11 years of reaving, Theon returns to Westeros.

Recent History Edit

Sixth Era Edit

Theon returns after 11 years of reaving in the Stepstones and is instantly challenged to a finger dance by his brother, where Theon ends up mutilating him. Theon's ship the 'Drowner' sinks in Ironman's Bay and he is washed up on the Riverlands coast, having lost 11 years of progress.

Quotes Edit

"We are the Soldiers of the Night! We are the Men of the Forest! We are the Fear of the Wary!" -Theon to his men

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