Timeon is the eldest child of Lord Walter Wyl of House Wyl of the Boneway. He is slender and smaller than other knights, but is muscular from years swimming in the river Wyl and the Sea of Dorne. His closets companion is his personal guard Ser Kirth.

Timeon is the current Lord of the Boneway.

History Edit

Born in 489 AC, Timeon never found a passion for governing, battle, or his studies as a child. According to his house's maester, he is a quick lad- very bright, but lacks the attention for success. He was the only child of Lord Wyl's first wife. His father often said, the only thing good to ever come of his first marriage was Timeon. His brother and sister were much younger than himself, being from his father's second marriage some years later.

Growing up, he could often be found exploring the deep tunnels beneath castle Wyl. As he became a man grown, he began spending his time in the brothels of the towns along the river Wyl and on the coast of the Sea of Dorne.

Recent History Edit

First Era Edit

In 500 AC, Lord Wyl remarried to a younger woman from a lesser house who gave birth to twins- Wylla and Willas.

Second Era Edit

At the beginning of the Second Era, Lord Wyl sent Timeon off to squire under Lord Arron Fowler of Skyreach, in order to establish closer relations between the houses.

Third Era Edit

The Prince's Pass was severely affect by the terrible storms and mudslides from the "Spring without Sun" However, his father chose to keep him with Lord Fowler to ensure good relations, as well as because the Boneway was experiencing similar occurrences.

Fourth Era Edit

In the Fourth Era, Timeon was sent back to the Boneway at his father's request. Lord Wyl claimed he wanted his son to train under himself in his last few years of adolescence, however, the true reason was he feared the rising tensions amongst houses Yronwood and Fowler.

No longer having other children his age around, Timeon spent much of his time exploring the tunnels and caverns beneath Wyl castle. He also would often times go out to the villages on the Sea of Dorne to swim in the waters.

Fifth Era Edit

At the start of the Dornish civil war and Yronwood's rebellion, Lord Wyl of the Boneway declared for Princess Sarella over her brother Andrey Sand. Timeon at the age of six and ten, followed his father into battle where his lack of attention during training showed true. A Yronwood archer almost killed the heir, but his father saved his life- taking the arrow in his stead. A hedge knight by the name of Kirth saved Lord Wyl's life, killing the archer and carrying the wounded lord to safety. Lord Wyl lost an eye as a result of the attack, he later lost sight in the other due to infection.

During the war, Timeon befriended a young Arthur Blackmont.

Ser Kirth was rewarded for his service and granted a boon from Lord Wyl. He asked to be taking in as a knight in House Wyl's service and eventually became Timeon Wyl's personal guard.

Sixth Era Edit

Timeon was knighted by the Master-of-Arms at Wyl, Tommen Wyl, for his service in defending the Boneway. This occurred after he and Ser Kirth defeated a group of bandits praying on villagers. In truth, Sir Kirth had truly been the one to defeat the bandits, Timeon only found a way to ambush them using the caverns and tunnels around Wyl castle.

Ser Timeon and Ser Kirth both frequented the brothels in villages on the river and Sea of Dorne.

Seventh Era Edit

Following Walter Wyl's murder by poison, Timeon became Lord Wyl of the Boneway.

Known Relatives Edit

Walter Wyl (father)

Wylla Wyl (sister)

Willas Wyl (brother)

Tommen Wyl (uncle)

Mya Sand (cousin)

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