Timeon of House Wyl is the eldest child of the late Lord Walter Wyl of the Boneway. He is slender and smaller than other knights, but has muscles from years swimming in the river Wyl and the Sea of Dorne. His closets companion is his Guard Captain Ser Kirth.

Timeon is currently one and twenty years old, and the Lord of the Boneway.

History Edit

Born in 489 AC, Timeon never found a passion for governing, battle, or his studies as a child. According to his house's maester, "Tim is a quick lad- very bright, but lacks the attention for success."

He was the only child of Lord Wyl's first wife. His father often said, the only thing good to ever come of his first marriage was Timeon. His half brother and sister are much younger than himself, being from his father's second marriage some years later.

Growing up, he could often be found exploring the deep tunnels beneath castle Wyl. As he became a man grown, he began spending his time in the brothels of the towns along the river Wyl and on the coast of the Sea of Dorne.

Recent History Edit

Fifth Era Edit

At the start of the Dornish civil war, Lord Walter Wyl declared for Princess Sarella over her brother Andrey Sand. Timeon, at the age of six and ten, followed his father into battle as his squire. A Yronwood man-at-arms almost killed the heir, but his father saved his life, shoving his son to the ground and taking a cut instead. A hedge knight by the name of Kirth saved Lord Wyl's life, killing the man-at-arms and carrying the wounded lord to safety.

Sixth Era Edit

Timeon was knighted by the Master-at-Arms and his uncle, Tommen Wyl, for his service in defending the Boneway. This occurred after he and Ser Kirth defeated a group of bandits attacking travelers. Kirth had been the one to defeat the bandits in combat, while Timeon only found a way to ambush them using the caverns and tunnels around Wyl castle.

Timeon and Kirth frequented the brothels in village near Wyl, and became close friends during that time. Kirth was eventually named Timeon's personal guard by Lord Walter at his son's request.

Seventh Era Edit

In 510 AC, Lord Walter Wyl was murder, resulting in Timeon becoming Lord of the Boneway. His first priority was attempting to find his father's killer, which lead him on a months long search. Timeon befriended a whore named Brella during the search for the criminal.

Eighth Era Edit

Wyl returns to normal following the imprisonment of former Guard Captain, Ordello, for the murder of Lord Walter Wyl.

Family Edit

  • Lord Walter Wyl (deceased), father
  • Wylla Wyl, sister, heir
  • Willas Wyl, brother
  • Ser Tommen Wyl, uncle
  • Mya Sand, cousin