The Tournament of the Hand was held in King's Landing in 502AC to celebrate the appointment of Nathaniel Arryn as Hand of the King.

The JoustEdit

Semi FinalsEdit

Harys Haigh defeats Ryman Sunglass

Garlan Hardying defeats Tristan Serry

Garlan Grafton defeats Willas Manderly

Dake Arryn defeats Antario Spicer

Flement Lefford defeats Ilyn Sunderland

Petyr Arryn defeats Ferment Redwyne

Varus of the Channels defeats Harys Haigh

Garlan Hardying defeats Garlan Grafton

Quentyn of Tarth defeats Dake Arryn

Flement Lefford defeats Petyr Arryn

Varus of the Channels defeats Garlan Hardying

Flement Lefford defeats Quentyn of Tarth


Flement Lefford defeats Varus of the Channels

The MeleeEdit

The Melee was won by Daeron Oakheart. Starling Waters participated as a mystery knight, but was taken down early in the fighting by Quentyn of Tarth.

The Archery Edit

Bonifer Tarly won the archery competition.

Important EventsEdit

After winning the joust, Flement Lefford asked to be appointed to the order of the Kingsguard and was granted his request.

The tournament was overshadowed by the events of the preceding feast, during which Gylen Hightower severed his kingdom's ties to the Iron Throne after a public argument with King Damon, causing somewhat of a panic with his revelation that Queen Danae had left the capital and was rumored to be plotting a return to King's Landing on dragonback to press her claim alone.

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