Below is a noncomprehensive list of notable tournaments and games to have occurred within the history of GoTRP.

Westerosi Tourneys Edit

First Tourney of Tarbeck Hall, 510 AC

Appleton Tourney, 508 AC

Tournament of Three Ships, 506 AC

Tourney of the Crossing, 506 AC

Tournament at the Three Towers, 503 AC (small)

Tournament of the Hand, 502 AC

Tournament of the Vale, 502 AC

Tourney at Harrenhal, 500 AC

Tourney of Bitterbridge, 480 AC

Tournament at Maidenpool, 457 - 499 AC (small)

Tourney of Longtable, 456 AC

Tourney of King's Landing (The Grand Spring Tourney), 406 AC