The Tournament of the Crossing was held at the Twins in 506AC to celebrate the wedding of Lord Brynden Frey and Alicent Baelish.

The Joust Edit

Benjen Tully defeats Jon Cox

Robert Sevenswords defeats Dake Arryn

Benjen Tully defeats Jason Mallister

Caster Vikary defeats Alliser Sixfingers

Bryen Manderly defeats Tristan Shawney

Donte Erenford defeats unknown knight

Robert Sevenswords defeats Dalbridge Paege

Alyn Connington defeats Walder Bracken

Edric Brax defeats Robyn Lynderly

Argrave Morrigen defeats Raynald Bracken

Bryen Manderly defeats Donte Erenford

Argrave Morrigen defeats Edric Brax

Semi Finals Edit

Finals Edit

The Melee Edit

Important Events Edit

Orys Connington agreed to wed his oldest son to the Swann daughter, and demanded that Alysanne Rogers wed him.

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