Trebor Yronwood was the Lord of House Yronwood. He was killed by Martyn Dayne after rebelling against Sarella Martell.

History Edit

Trebor was born in 470 AC. He was a stubborn and pugnacious child often picking fights with the various children around Castle Yronwood. Trebor was close childhood friends with a young Arron Fowler and Martyn Dayne. When he turned 14 his father and mother died due to sickness and Trebor took over his house.

Important Events Edit

Second Era Edit

During the Second Era, Dorne was subjected to terrible storms and mudslides. Trebor heard that Martyn Dayne wanted to reinforce the Prince's Pass after it was destroyed due to rain storms. He rode to Sunspear to give his support to his childhood friend. There he was introduced to Princess Sarella Martell, who he disliked immediately.

Third Era Edit

Trebor attended a feast at Sunspear, at which he became inebriated and insulted the Princess of Dorne. He later insulted Sarella again at Skyreach, in front of her husband.

Fifth Era Edit

King Damon Lannister legitimized a bastard Martell in order to put the Princess of Dorne's claim in contest. Trebor jumped at this opportunity and declared civil war on the Martells and took Martyn Dayne captive. Trebor kept Martyn in captivity until the Martell forces smashed the Yronwood forces outside Castle Yronwood, resulting in his death.

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