Trystane Baratheon, also referred to as “The Peaceful,” “The Blind,” ruled from 366-438 AC. He was born in 344 AC and died naturally at age 94.


In a melee accident at age five and thirty, he lost his sight. As he aged, he lost his hearing as well, leaving him senseless, confused, and incapable for the later years of his reign. The Realm may have sprung back up to rebellion if not for his capable heirs, of which he had many in his youthful, carefree days with his Estermont wife.

The realm was relatively peaceful under his reign, the kingdoms were happy to have the faith of the seven back without the fear and unease the Red God inspired.

Trystane finished reconstruction of what was lost of King’s Landing after the War of the Five Kings.

Family MembersEdit

Davos I Baratheon, father (deceased)

Jennelyn Yronwood, mother (deceased)

Selyse Baratheon, sister (deceased)

Olyvar Baratheon, brother (deceased)

Edric II Baratheon, brother (deceased)

Aemma Estermont, wife (deceased)

Marya Baratheon, daughter (deceased)

Alysanne Baratheon, daughter (deceased)

Ravella Baratheon, daughter (deceased)

Orys Baratheon, son (deceased)

Brienne Baratheon, daughter (deceased)

Oswell Baratheon, son (deceased)

Ormond Baratheon, son (deceased)

Otto Baratheon, son (deceased)

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