Tycho is the Master of Coin for Cleos Baratheon, often dressed in lurid and bright garbs.

History Edit

Tycho was originally a keyholder for the Iron Bank of Braavos. However, his devious nature drew raised eyebrows from the other officials, who blackmailed him with the threat of arrest for corruption. Bowing to their demands, Tycho 'retired' from the position and left Braavos.

He later found work under the Company of the Cat, with the previous commander recognizing his talent with finances and appointing him as paymaster.

Important Events Edit

Fifth Era Edit

Suggested by Olyvar Jordayne, Tycho was tasked to evaluate the state of Cleos' treasury. He confirms his king’s fears and presents several solutions. Cleos instead asks Tycho to treat with the Iron Bank. A scheming Tycho only agrees to act as the envoy, in exchange for Cleos naming him Master of Coin once the Baratheon claims the Iron Throne.

Quotes Edit

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