Tylor Mallister is the Lord of Seagard.


Tylor is a simple man, a strong man. His father was lost at the seige of Harrenhal answering Randyll Frey's call to arms, giving Tylor Mallister the great responsibility of Seagard.Taylor is a strong man not particularly tall or short, or big or small, he has a large black goatee that covers his mouth and angry storm grey eyes. he is considered handsome by many but he actually has quite a plain face, he is currently 27. He was married at 16 to liane vance (of wayfarers rest) the second child of lord vance to try a sucre an alliance between their two houses but she died a year later birthing triplets and lord vance has never forgiven him nor has Tylor remarried

Important Events: Edit

First Era Edit

Tylor Remained at Seagard while his father answered the call of Randyll Frey for the seige against Harrenhal. News of his Father's death came slowly.

Second Era Edit

Tylor took in Randyll Frey's eldest son Brynden Frey. Tylor mentored the boy in naval combat and trade. They also spent time training together in the yard and became very close. Tylor outfitted Brynden with a fine set of armor and an escort to the Twins to claim his birthrite.

Third EraEdit

Tylor answered the call of Brynden Frey to oversee the Frey Trade routes and ship construction. He was personally in charge of selecting new captains and crew. During this time news of his brother Edmure fleeing the capital for treason sparked a need for Tylor to return to Seagard in case Edmure were to show.


he's not a very trusting man but holds family high, he's not particularly honourable and really quite arrogant. Though he serves the Freys well and even holds Brynden as like a son to him he never forgot that it was they who took seagard off of his ancestor jason mallister. He is a passable warrior and has minor skills with axe but his real talent lies in naval combat, trade and negotiation, though he not overly experienced at ruling he's well liked by his men (but not so by other lords). He's sly and cunning but in the grand scheme of things he's not really as clever as he thinks he is.


Edmure Mallister eldest brother and second eldest so of the previous lord Mallister

Samuel Mallister Second eldest brother a sellsword whoss were a outs are currently unknown

Duncan Mallister second youngest brother as sworn brother of the nights watch

Jeffrey Mallister youngest brother and current measter at Seagard though he has forged many links he still has much to learn(he is very nervous)

Liana Mallister/Vance Tylors wife died birthing triplets

Lysa Mallister Tylors eldest child a girl of ten, with long black hair and grey eyes she looks every bit a mallister

Marq Mallister Tylors eldest son and heir to Seagard has shoulder length brown hair but the eyes and face of a Mallister, Taller and more patient than his brother Marq is showing great promise with a sword

Hoster Mallister Youngest of the triplets and by far the biggest Hoster is a large child and is skilled with a mourning star at 10 he is already stronger than most men but is prone to his fathers rages

Jason Mallister Tylors uncle a sworn sword to Brynden Frey

Denys Mallister another uncle castellion of Seagard

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