Tyrosh is a harbor city and one of the Free Cities. It sits on an island to the north of the Stepstones, just off the coast of the Disputed Lands of Essos. The ruler of Tyrosh is an archon chosen from among the members of a conclave of magisters. The current archon of Tyrosh is Maelys Drahar.


Tyrosh is one of the more powerful Free Cities.

Recent History Edit

First Era Edit

Second Era Edit

The archon of Tyrosh was a man named Alequo.

Third Era Edit

Fourth Era Edit

Fifth Era Edit

Maelys Drahar became the archon after the death of Alequo. After insults against his person and his blood not long after his ascension, Maelys declared war on Pentos, which resulted in victory. Slavery was made legal in Pentos once more in the aftermath of the conflict, known as the War of the Archon's Fury.

Sixth Era Edit

Seventh Era Edit

The ruling class of magisters became increasingly discontented with the new slave laws imposed by Maelys Drahar.

Places of Interest Edit

Dyemaker's Curl Edit

A large spit of land to the south of Tyrosh, the Curl forms a natural barrier against the Narrow Sea, providing safe haven for the valuable snails harvested for their rich dyes. It is here that the cartels make their money, and here that even the Archon dare not intervene.

The Curl is a bustling harbor on its seaward side, and is thick with warehouses, taverns, slave barracks and more.

  • The Shattered Dagger - a tavern owned by the Redhand cartel
  • Eel Point - the main base of operations for the Titan cartel
  • The Seafoam Palace - a pillowhouse used by the Merling cartel

The Old Bazaar Edit

One of Tyrosh's most prominent markets. Located to the west of the city, near the main port.

The Bleeding Tower Edit

A large structure overlooking the westward port.

The Temple of Trios Edit

A large temple dedicated to one of the many gods in Tyrosh. There is a statue of the three-headed god outside.

Quotes Edit

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