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Ser Tytos Clegane is a knight and heir of Clegane's Keep.

History Edit

Tytos is the only child of Ser Gerald Clegane, the Knight of Clegane's Keep. He squired for an uncle before his sixteenth name day, where he was knighted. He tried as a tourney knight in the Westerlands but grew tired of the lifestyle despite success.

Tytos is estranged from his father and rarely travels home.

Important Events Edit

First Era Edit

Tytos fought in the Ascent of the Lion.

Fourth Era Edit

Tytos fought in the War of the False King.

Sixth Era Edit

Under orders from King Damon Lannister and Queen Danae Targaryen, Tytos journeyed to Winterfell to investigate the death of Prince Thaddius Lannister. The evidence pointed to Symeon Stark as the murderer, and Tytos read his testimony as a witness at the Stark's trial in King's Landing.

Family Members Edit

Gerald Clegane, father

Jeyne Clegane, mother (deceased)

Quotes Edit

"You've spoken the oaths - half the job, the easy part - but what of the deeds? What is a man who does not keep to his oaths? A halfpenny knight, like all the rest?" - Septon Abelar

"The only remarkably unique thing he could spot in the hall was a colossal knight, towering above all the rest. The man could only be Tytos Clegane." - Thoughts of Lorent Marbrand

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