Uthor Dondarrion is the lord of Blackhaven. He is a proud Marcher lord, his keep nestled in the Red Mountains.

History Edit

Uthor has grown up defending the Marches in various border skirmishes and bandit raids. When challenged by his younger brother, Ormund, Uthor scarred him and sent him to the Wall to take the black.

Important Events Edit

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First era Edit

Second era Edit

Third era Edit

Fourth era Edit

Fifth era Edit

Quotes Edit

“We of the Marches live by honor. When we see injustice, we answer it with justice.”

Family Members Edit

Alayne Dondarrion, wife (deceased)

Ormund Dondarrion, brother (disowned)

Durran Dondarrion, son

  • Leana Dondarrion, daughter-in-law
  • Faye Dondarrion, grandaughter
  • Beric Dondarrion, grandson

Corenna Dondarrion, daughter

Maldon Dondarrion, son

Baldric Dondarrion, son

Ashara Dondarrion, daughter

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