Uthor Dondarrion is the lord of Blackhaven. He is a proud Marcher lord and remains ever vigilant from his perch in the Red Mountains.

History Edit

Born in 461, Uthor is the first son and secondborn of Lord Cleoden Dondarrion. He was groomed for both lordship and knighthood at a young age.

Uthor has grown up defending the Marches in various border skirmishes and bandit raids.

A match was made between Uthor and Lady Alayne Tarth

When challenged by his younger brother, Ormund, who was envious of Uthor's inheritance of the lordship and his betrothal to Lady Alayne, Uthor scarred him and sent him to the Wall to take the black, much to the dismay of their older sister Shiera.

Important Events Edit

Fifth era Edit

As the long summer turned to autumn, Lord Uthor Dondarrion welcomed his first grandson, Beric Dondarrion born of Uthor's heir, Durran. Uthor's other children being of age, he planned a great tournament and feast at Blackhaven to celebrate the harvest, the birth of young Beric and to secure betrothals for his children.

Quotes Edit

“We of the Marches live by honor. When we see injustice, we answer it with justice.”

"Uthor’s loyalty, Alyn knew, concerned his father far more than Corenna’s suitability as a wife. Orys would have seen him married to a donkey if it would have ensured the Lightning Lord’s allegiance. A capable ruler, brilliant commander and formidable warrior, Lord Dondarrion was one of the strongest and most influential men in the Stormlands. Alyn didn’t blame his father for wanting to secure his loyalty. He’d make a strong ally, and in doing so would remove one of the biggest potential threats to the Connington’s hold on the Stormlands; House Dondarrion." Alyn Connington

Family Members Edit

Alayne Dondarrion, wife (deceased)

Ormund Dondarrion, brother (exiled)

Shiera Dondarrion, sister

Durran Dondarrion, son

  • Leana Dondarrion, daughter-in-law
  • Faye Dondarrion, grandaughter
  • Beric Dondarrion, grandson

Corenna Dondarrion, daughter

Maldon Dondarrion, son

Baldric Dondarrion, son

Ashara Dondarrion, daughter

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