Windblown card

The Windblown is a sellsword company currently sworn to Danae Targaryen, captained by Meizo.

History Edit

The Windblown are a mercenary company of two thousand mounted horse and foot soldiers found in the Free Cities. They are led by a captain known as the Tattered Prince. Their standards are fork-tailed blue-and-white banners, with streamers of pale blue silk on their lances. The men of the Windblown use what names they would, and change them at a whim. The closest thing they have to a company tongue is classic High Valyrian.

The Windblown command tent is a great grey sailcloth pavilion which the Tattered Prince calls his canvas castle. It can take the Windblown less than an hour to strike camp.

Important Events Edit

Second Era Edit

The Windblown were purchased by Danae Targaryen while she was in Lys, using gold from her conquest in Volantis. She led them to Westeros and used the company, along with the Second Sons, to reclaim Dragonstone from House Baratheon. She left the companies on the island when she went to King's Landing to enter into a marriage alliance with King Damon Lannister.

Third Era Edit

The Windblown guarded Danae's dragon Persion in her absence. They had difficulty getting along with the Second Sons.

Fourth Era Edit

Meizo became the Captain of the company after Rahak was killed by Danae Targaryen.

Notable Members Edit

Rahak (deceased)


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