Wylla Wyl 2

Wylla is the only daughter to Lord Walter Wyl, and the twin sister to Willas Wyl. The twins were born in 500 AC to their father's second wife who died in childbirth. Wylla is the second child of House Wyl: Timeon being the eldest and Willas being 4 minutes younger.

After her father's recent passing, her elder brother became Lord of the Boneway, making Wylla the new heir.

For her tenth name day, Wylla and Willas were gifted twin blades and scabbards from their Lord brother. Additionally, Wylla received a bow from her uncle and cousin.

Wylla Wyl is currently fostering in the Water Gardens with her cousin and guardian, Mya Sand.

Known Relatives Edit

Walter Wyl (father)

Timeon Wyl (brother)

Willas Wyl (brother, twin)

Tommen Wyl (uncle)

Mya Sand (cousin)