Wyman Manderly is the Lord of White Harbor.


Wyman Manderly was born first son to Lord Wendel and Lady Bethany Manderly née Reed. He was followed by two brothers, Bryen and Cerrick, as well as two sisters, Wylla and Leona. As Heir of House Manderly he was taught from a very young age the business of trade and ships, as well as naval command. At the age of six and ten his father allowed him to Captain his own boat, to learn from the experience.

As he aged he turned to the finer things in life, such as food and wine. He would much rather spend time entertaining guests in the Merman’s Court and eating delicious dishes and cuisines from all over the known world. He has a loud booming laugh and seems to be always in a good mood to his guests.

Privately he is a very strategic business man, crunching numbers and bringing in new business to White Harbor. He surrounds himself with some of the best business and command minds in Westeros in his small personal council. What he lacks in strength, he makes up in intelligence. He doesn’t allow many people to see this calculating and cunning side of him.

Wyman has yet to marry, waiting on the perfect business relationship to show itself. He is a man who looks to increase his power and prestige using soft power, but also commands a large garrison and fair size fleet for if the need ever arises.

Important Events

Fourth Era


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