Wyman Sunglass is the uncle of Lord Harlan Sunglass.

History Edit

Wyman was born the youngest of three brothers, behind former Lord Guncer Sunglass, and Ser Ryman Sunglass, later Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. With few duties expected of him, Wyman was sent off to the Citadel at young age to become a maester. He only remained long enough to forge a few links of his chain, mostly yellow gold and black iron, before departing in the company of a young knight of the Reach named Alesander.

Wyman traveled Westeros on the roads until Alesander's untimely death, at which time he returned to Sweetport Sound. He became castellan to his lordly older brother, and served ably for many years. He has remained perpetually unmarried.

Important Events Edit

Fifth Era Edit

Wyman clashed with Lord Harlan's sister, Tysha Sunglass, over the raising of Harlan's niece, Daeryssa. He later attended the Tourney of the Crossing and the wedding between Lord Paramount Brynden Frey and Alicent Baelish, in his nephew's stead.

Sixth Era Edit

Due to Queen Danae's cancellation of the seasonal ball, Wyman used his position as castellan to attempt to organize a substitute ball in coordination with Eleanor Massey. Upon Lord Harlan's discovery of the use of House Sunglass' resources without his approval, Wyman was banished to serve as a courtier in King's Landing. He sought shelter with Lady Massey, attending the Queen's Ball with her. He later followed her to her seat of Stonedance as her new, reluctant paramour.

Family Members Edit

Guncer Sunglass - brother (deceased)

Ryman Sunglass - brother

Tysha Sunglass - niece

Rhaelle Sunglass - niece

Harlan Sunglass - nephew

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